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Special Event - Year 6 at the Black Country Museum

30 September 2009

As part of our project this term on the Victorians Year 6 went on a visit to the Black Country Museum. The visit took take place on Wednesday 30th September.

While visiting the Museum the children were able to interact with the characters in the original shops and houses, they had a ride on a tramcar, joined in a lesson at the old-fashioned school and discovered what it was like to be a miner in the underground coal mine.

The children experienced how people lived and worked in the Black Country. They saw traditional skills from sweet-making and glass-cutting to metal-working.

Learning how people lived in the past.
In the tram.

Victorian lessons.
Sitting in rows.

On our best behaviour.
Exciting lessons.

No pen or paper!
Everyone had to work hard!

Old fashioned shops.
The old chemist.

Ready to go down the mine.
Listening to instructions.