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Special Event - Healthy Lunchbox Designs

23 January 2009

At Yenton Primary we had a competition on a healthy lunchbox design and Miss Webster had picked some winners, four from one class.

In January, our winners arrived at Ash farm. Firstly, we were given an introduction on different activities and what farmers do daily as well as some facts. Then we were divided into two groups of eighteen.

Group A went looking for wiggly worms and to also look at the different crops such as: barley, wheat, oats and oilseed rape. On the other hand, group B were cooking healthy, delicious pizzas. After our activities ended we were hurried to have our pictures taken. After finishing lunch, we swapped activities.

Finally, with almost the day at a finish we had a quick group quiz and were given a recipe book as a gift. After leaving the farm we had a great tiring journey to school!

Down at Ash Farm.
Making lovely delicious pizzas.

All working hard down on the farm.