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Special Event - Jack Dromey MP visits Yenton

9 January 2015

On Friday in our assembly Yenton were lucky that our local MP, Jack Dromey, visited us to give out an award.

Libby-Jo had won a competition when she was in Year 6 to design a Christmas Card for Jack to send to all of his colleagues and friends. The design was lovely and Libby-Jo is very artistic. Jack gave her a number of items with the House of Commons logo on (including ginderbread!).

Jack then very kindly answered questions from every class. The question was read by the class school councillors who are elected to represent their class. They were superb and read very clearly. Here are a list of the questions asked:

  • 1D – Can you help us to have more parks and playgrounds in Erdington?
  • 1H – Where do you live? Do you live in the Houses of Parliament?
  • 2C – How do you choose which suggestions to put forward to Parliament?
  • 2V – What advice could you give to our School Council?
  • 3T – what inspired you to become an MP?
  • 3C - How are you making Erdington a better place for everyone?
  • 4G – What are the main roles in your job?
  • 4J – What do you want to improve the most?
  • 5B – Is it true that you are building a new swimming baths? Why?
  • 5N – What's your favourite part about being an MP?
  • 6A – What changes are you thinking about for Erdington in the future?
  • 6C – Please explain, with reasons why, what has been your toughest campaign to date?

The children really enjoyed learning that a new swimming baths, leisure centre and upgraded parks and playgrounds were in the plans in the future. They learned about the role of an MP and it was a really important session on understanding the importance of Democracy.

A big thank you to Jack and a well done to Libby-Jo and her parents for coming back from Edmund Campion for the morning.