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Special Event - Science Day

24 October 2008

We had an exciting and educational day dedicated to Science. Called 'Science Made Simple' all of the children across the school were able to experience fun science activities. Classes were able to learn about Science in everyday situations.

The project was made possible by the visit of members of Cardiff University's School of Physics and Astronomy.

Reception and Key Stage 1 had a presentation called 'Bubbles and Balloons' and Key Stage 2 saw 'Who wants to be a Scientist?'

Many thanks to the 'Friends' who paid for this event, which was an invaluable example of Yenton children getting something a little bit extra.

Recording data.
Are you better with your left hand or right?

Year 4 make a wind turbine.
More wind turbine work.

Year 4 being detectives using chromatography.
Year 6 chemical reaction making honeycomb toffee.

KS1 seeing in believing.

How big can you make a bubble?
Fun with balloons!