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Special Event - Year 6 Whitemoor Lakes Residential

25 to 27 March 2015

Before the Easter holidays Year 6 went on a residential trip to Whitemoor Lakes. The activities were extraordinary! We were in three groups using the same things but at different times. My favourite was abseiling and zip-wire. For my group I think the Equaliser was the hardest. We had to equalise the balance of everybody’s weight. It had to last in the air for six seconds. The Leap of Faith was challenging but not challenging enough. Our instructor had to see the front of our feet before we could jump. Unfortunately I didn’t make it but Inaya, Tristan, Aribah and (unbelievably) Mr Cannon did! Fencing was also a favourite of mine. I got to challenge Mr Cadwallader at fencing as he was there visiting us. The funny thing is that the instructor told me to take off my glove and slap the opponent, who was wearing a helmet saying, "I want to challenge you". The opponent would then approach the challenger and slap them on the head with the glove and say "I except your challenge". Even though Mr C supports West Brom he’s a good fencer! The food there was top notch.

Report by Meshach, 6C

Whilst at Whitemoor Lakes we did number of activities, my personal favourite was the fencing. Most of our time was spent outside but when were inside it was in our rooms or in the lounge. The most challenging activities were the Gladiator course and the Leap of Faith. The most thrilling activity was the zip-wire. At the end of the final activity the instructors handed out certificates for archery, enthusiasm, bravery and the best team player.

Report by Tobious, 6A

On the 25th March (Wednesday), we went on our trip to Whitemoor Lakes. It took about 30 minutes for us to get there. Once we got there we got a warm welcome from the staff. Our rooms were shown to us and we got a tour around the whole centre. My group (group 3) had climbing first. Some of our clothing wasn’t right and we had to change. Our instructor, Kiran, told us all the instructions about climbing and one of them was to keep our helmet on! Our daily timetable was: Breakfast at 8am Lunch at 1pm Dinner at 6pm Bed at 10pm. Between each session we had some free time. My favourite challenge was the abseiling and zip‐line. The reason why is at first 10% of us were determined to have a go and 90% of weren’t but we all had a go and the view was spectacular! We all had a great time and if we could go again it would be even better!

Report by Aribah, 6C

Before the holiday, on the Residential, some of Year 6 took part in various activities including: abseiling, rock climbing, archery, fencing, zip-wire and many more. The camp fire was the best as we got to toast marshmallows.

by Joshua, 6A

Year 6 have just come back from their amazing trip to Whitemoor Lakes. The trip was fantastic but I struggled on making my bed! However, they were teaching us new skills. I enjoyed all the activities but my favourite two were the leap of faith and the zip wire. Furthermore, my favourite indoor activities were archery and fencing.

by Udaiy, 6A